Fire Station Open Day

Today is Trixie’s due date and when the Fire Station announced the date for their annual open day I was desperately hoping she wouldn’t be one of those 5% of babies that arrive on their due date. As things transpired of course, she didn’t which meant we could go and Dexter could have his fill of Fire Engine fun!

Neil opted for a @closeparent Close Caboo for Trixie as it has less layers on him so he wouldn’t get too hot walking around. She had on a vest, leggings and a pair of socks and she was the perfect temp the whole time.

I brought our @wrapahula 1.21 Gigawatts wrap as it looks like FIRE. Dexter fell over and grazed his knee so he wanted ups for a while. As Neil was already wearing Trixie, I decided to go for it and popped Dexter up on my back in a ruck tied Tibetan. It was only for 10 minutes on our way to a cafe for lunch but it felt amazing to have him on me again.

After lunch I wrapped Trixie up in my current favourite finish which is Pond and Neil carried Dexter back to the car on his shoulders. Ah the versatility of Wovens! Back carrying toddlers one minute, then snuggling newborns the next.

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