Circus Day

We all have that day, that one mad day following the birth of a baby where everyone comes for a visit. Today was that day. We had a lovely time of course, but it does mean our contact time with Trixie is reduced as everyone wants to cuddle her.

Once everyone had left, I whipped off her clothes and my top and wrapped her up for some skin to skin reconnection (I do still have my @molke_bf bra on). The oxytocin started flowing straight away and we both relaxed into the cuddle, I can literally feel the stress and tension melting away.

This wrap is by @shireslings and is called Love Geek. It features the DNA Double Helix, oxytocin and the mitochondria cell. “DNA contains the hereditary material used to encode the genetic instructions used in the development and function of all known living things. Oxytocin is the love hormone. We feel its effects when we fall in love with our partner and our babies. Mitochondria cells contain one piece of DNA that is inherited only down the female line. Every person alive today has inherited their mitochondrial DNA from one single great-great-great-. …..great-grandmother, nearly 200,000 years ago.” 

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