Tandem PDX Carry

Achievement unlocked! Today I did my first tandem carry!
First I used my own @rucknrolla PDX Moody Blues to pop Dexter on my back in a Ruck TUB. Then I used a friend’s PDX that I currently have on holiday for Trixie. I threaded her wrap through the shoulder passes of Dexter’s carry, tucked her in and then crossed the remainder of the wrap under her bum before tucking through the shoulder passes again.

Oh my word you guys, it was so comfy! Trixie’s dinky so I didn’t feel her weight anyway, but by threading her wrap through the shoulders of Dexter’s it meant that her wrap took his weight and made him even lighter! Can’t wait to try out more tandem carries now I know I can do them.
These wraps are siblings and I am so thankful that I got to use them to carry Dexter and Trixie in their first sibling carry.

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