First Day / Last Day

Today was my first day back as the Sling Lady, and Neil’s last day of paternity leave.

The first pic shows me an hour before drop in, in my pyjamas with bed hair and yesterday’s make up still caked on, attempting to get ready with a sleeping Trixie on me. I managed to get completely ready, aside from my bra and top, whilst wearing her which was a bonus.

Then I wore her for most of the drop in whilst my amazing volunteers did most of the fittings and I did the admin. Note the bottle tucked into the waist pass to keep it warm as Trixie couldn’t decide if she wanted feeding yet or not.

Then, once everyone had left, Trixie was having trouble getting off to sleep again so Neil whipped off his top and her clothes for some skin to skin cuddles and she passed out for 3 hours! Such a lovely way for Neil to shore up their connection before his return to work tomorrow. 

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