I can actually do this!

Neil went back to work today and my amazing sister Sam came round to be my back up if things got ‘sticky’. The plan was for me to do as much as I could, but to use her if I needed her just so I could see how much I could do looking after both of them on my own.

How do people Parent two kids without using a carrier?!?! Seriously, I have no idea how I would have coped without one. Sam was a massive help too, especially as I got tired towards the end of the day.

Miraculously, Dexter had a two hour nap at the same time Trixie had a three hour nap! I know I won’t be this lucky every day I’m flying solo with them. However, this did work out perfectly for when Sam had to leave to go and collect my niece from nursery so I had some lovely chill out time.

She and Zoe had to scoot off at 5 which meant it was me and the kids till Neil got home at 6 and I was running on nearly empty… out came the iPad and an early tea to keep him busy.

Neil’s home now and doing his first double bath with them, I’m about to order a celebratory take away.

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