First Time Wrapping

This morning Dexter, Trixie, my Mum and I walked to the local shop for some bits for lunch. Mum asked if she could wear Trixie and if I could show her how Wrap her in a woven.

This was her VERY FIRST attempt and she absolutely nailed it! We did a simple FWCC now that Trixie’s uncurled a bit and Mum couldn’t get over how comfortable the wrap was.

She’d carried Dexter in our Connecta when he was about 15 months and loved it, but she said the Woven was just something else. Another level of comfort. She adores the stunning design from @jacq_and_rose too. Trixie slept the whole way there and back so was obviously comfortable too! I am so proud of my Mum, for not only embracing babywearing but for getting such a perfect wrap job on her first try! She’s a natural 🤩

Tonight was also the first time I cooked tea with Trixie on me. I’ve cooked loads since she was born, but usually once Neil’s home so he could hold her. A lovely snuggle whilst cooking was just what I needed after a long emotional day with both kids! TGFM! 

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