7 Reasons You Need a Sling During a Global Pandemic

1. Calm your own anxiety

When you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed, slinging your baby can really help you to recentre and ground yourself.  When you hold your baby close to you, your body releases the hormone oxytocin.  Oxytocin has been proven to reduce the presence of stress and anxiety hormones in our brains. 

2. Reassure and reconnect with your child

A lot of older babies and children are really feeling the effects of how different their lives are now.  This can be unsettling for them and they may become clingier as a result as they seek security and comfort from you.  Popping them in a sling or carrier means you can hold them for longer and use your hands for gentle reassuring caresses as opposed to holding their weight.

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3. Handsfree to feed yourself

Newborns are intense and need holding nearly all the time.  This is entirely normal, however it does mean you can get trapped on the sofa under a sleeping baby and miss meals.  By wearing your baby in a sling or carrier, your baby can sleep on your whilst you have your hands free to prepare food for yourself.  That said, it’s also useful for older children who need holding during the witching hour and you need to make tea.

4. Cleaning and tidying up

Our world has shrunk to just our homes, and we notice out of place things more.  We notice areas we may have neglected when our lives were busier, but having young children who need contact with you can make it harder to sort it out.  Wearing them means you can clean and tidy up without your child making more mess.  I do recommend purchasing a grabber arm to tidy up toys off the floor as well.

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5. Working from home is much easier

If you’re working from home, then wearing your child in a sling or carrier whilst you work is an absolute lifesaver.  You can work on the sofa, at your desk or even standing up at your breakfast bar! When Trixie was younger, we used to work on our laptops during all of her naps as it meant we could work uninterrupted.

6. Keep them close whilst exercising

If you go out for your daily exercise, then wearing your baby or toddler keeps them safe from touching things and reduces the risk of them accidentally coming into contact with other people.  They’re also great for adding extra weight to your indoor exercises, just make sure it’s low impact exercise if you’re wearing a child.

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7. Home educate older children

If you have a school age child, wearing your youngest in a sling or carrier means you can have your handsfree to help your children with any learning they may need to do.  Your baby will be calm and content so you can focus on your older children.

If you would like help with a sling or carrier, I am offering online consultations starting from £10. You can hire or purchase carriers from me with free local same day delivery. Postal hire and delivery is also available. Please stay at home during this pandemic, and wash your hands. All hire carriers are washed and isolated for 3 days before being hired out again.

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