5 Benefits to Carrying During Pregnancy

I loved carrying during my second pregnancy and found the whole pregnancy much easier physically because I carried my then toddler son throughout. I had to stop wearing him on my front at 14 weeks, but I continued hip and back carrying until a week before my daughter was born.

Carrying an older child during any subsequent pregnancy is safe and of benefit to both you and your children. If you’re already used to carrying your older child regularly then it is safe to continue to do so throughout your pregnancy.  If you’re not carrying regularly but you’d like to, then please get in touch so we can discuss a safe plan to get you carrying safely.  Remember the golden rule of pregnancy, listen to your body.

Front carrying at 14 weeks in an Integra Size 2

1. Reassurance

Your older child will be very aware of the changes that you go through during pregnancy, and having to be mindful of a bump with a child who still seeks lots of physical affection can be difficult.  By carrying your child in a sling, you are meeting their need for contact, whilst also ensuring you position them elsewhere on your body so your bump is safe.

2. Balance and Alignment

The weight of your older child on your back balances out the weight of your bump.  This helps to improve your posture leading to less aches and pains during the third trimester.  By wearing your child on your back instead of carrying in arms on your hip, also keeps your spine aligned again minimising aches and pains that can be experienced throughout pregnancy.

20 weeks pregnant wearing a Jacq & Rose woven wrap tied double hammock with a freshwater finish

3. Gentle toning

Carrying a child of any age is wonderful gentle exercise as it works your core muscles and your pelvic floor as you walk.  Both vital muscles groups need for pregnancy and birth!  Carrying also helps after the child is born as it helps your body to repair those muscle groups.

4. Adapting your carrier

There are lots of carriers that are recommended above others for carrying during pregnancy, however you may be able to find a “hack” to adapt your current carrier to suit pregnancy.  Some carriers can have their waistband removed to turn it into an Obuhimo style carrier with no waistband at all!

Carrying on the hip in a woven wrap, ring slings are also great for this

5. Preparing for Tandem

It prepares your older child for tandem carrying when the baby is here.  Tandem carrying is a wonderful skill, and you get double the oxytocin!  Tandem carrying enables you to meet both of their needs for closeness whilst keeping your handsfree.

My first tandem carry at 11 days post c-section

If you’re pregnant and have any questions surrounding carrying during your pregnancy then please do get in touch to arrange a consultation where we can explore your options.  Read more carrying during pregnancy advice from Dr Rosie Knowles. I have a huge range of carriers available for hire, or purchase that are great for use during pregnancy.

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