3 Steps to Potty Train Your Kid

From having potty trained two kids now, here are my top 3 tips for how to do it.

1. Make sure your kid is ready
2. Show them what the potty/toilet is for
3. Leave them to it

If this doesn’t work, then your kid isn’t ready. Pack it all away and try again in a month or two.

If your kid is doing *most* of these things then they *might* be ready to try: • dry nappies for an hour or two at a time
• understanding when they’re having a wee or a poo and might tell you
• start pulling at or trying to take off a wet or soiled nappy
• going off to hide for a wee or poo, or fidgeting because they know they need to go
• telling you in advance of a wee or poo that it’s coming

Some kids are ready with most of these happening, others are ready months after doing all of them. If they’re not doing most of them then don’t bother. It’ll just be messy and stressful for you both.

First three days should be bare bum. Talk to them beforehand, tell them no more nappies and that wees and poos go in the potty. Leave them to it. Watch for signs they need to go. If they start, grab them and pop them on the potty saying “wee wee on the potty!” in a positive voice. Keep doing this until they work out how to do it themselves.

Invest in your cleaning products!

Key to all of this is don’t ask them. Toddler instinct is to say no to every question, so don’t ask! Trust your child to do this.

Day 1 you’re aiming for 10% in the potty. Day 2 roughly 30%, day 3 about 50%. If your kid isn’t managing this then they’re not ready. If they are, you’re ready to try pants. They might go back a bit in terms of success once in pants as they get used to the sensation, but it shouldn’t be more than a day or so.

After a week your kid should be successfully using the potty or toilet 90% of the time. This will become 100% in time.

Night time dryness is hormonal and cannot be taught. If they are waking up dry in the morning for 5-7 days in a row then try no night nappies.

NEVER chastise or punish your child for accidents. Get them to help you clean it up. Stay positive, say it’s ok to have accidents.

Finally, for boys, teach them to tuck it down 😉

Lysanne | MotherRucker

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