If you are self-isolating then we can do an online consultation.  I can then either deliver the carriers to you (if under 5 miles) or I can post them.  To return, I can collect from you (if under 5 miles) or you can post them.

Buckled Carriers

Far and away the most popular type of carrier for convenience, cost and cuddles! Buckled carriers can be used on front or back and occasionally hip.  All of our carriers are ergonomic for both you and baby with full knee to knee support, and are excellent for healthy hip development.

Check out our Buckled Carriers in action on our YouTube channel:

Buckle Demos

We have 4 different Beco models available for hire:

– Gemini (Cool and Grey)

– 8 (Grey)

– Toddler (Grey Arrows)


We have 1 amazing carrier from Boba available for hire:

– Boba X (Grey)


We have 5 gorgeous carriers from Connecta available for hire:

– Standard (Charcoal, Strawberry Thief, Vine)

– Toddler (Black)

– Pre-School (Denim)

Connecta Solar

We have 2 carriers in Connecta Solar fabric available for hire:

– Standard (Glacier)

– Toddler (Sage)


We have 1 model of Ergobaby carriers available for hire:

– Omni360 (Black, Midnight Blue Air Mesh)


We have 7 Integra carriers available for hire:

– Size 1 (Dinos, Fleur, Night Stars, Niagara)

– Size 2 (Ocean Slumber, Twist Charcoal)

– Size 3 (Flock)


We have 1 Isara carrier available for hire:

– Isara ONE (Wolf Family)


We have 2 Izmi models available for hire:

– Standard (Blue, Purple)

– Toddler (Grey)

Lenny Lamb

We have 1 Lenny Lamb carrier available for hire:

– Lenny Up (Oasis)


We have 1 model of Mamaruga available for hire:

– Zensling (Ocean Dots, Mustard Yellow)


We have 1 Scootababy available for hire:

– The Deep

Sleepy Nico

We have 2 models of Sleepy Nico carriers available for hire:

– Standard (Jack)

– Toddler (Marie)


We have 3 models of Tula carriers available for hire:

– Free to Grow (Discover, Serena Sky Coast, Wrap Conversion)

– Explore (Believe, Evergreen)

– Toddler (Birds of Norway, Mokosh Wrap Conversion)

Twin Specific Carriers

We have 2 models of twin specific carriers available for hire:

– TwinGo (Grey/Yellow)

– Weego (Navy Blue Gingham)

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