1:1 Consultations offer you the chance the gain focused guidance and expertise to suit your needs.  It also means you can learn at a pace that suits you and your baby which means time to attend to your baby’s needs.

Got a friend who wants to learn the same thing?  Why not convert to a 1:2 Consultation and share the cost?

We have three types of Consultations on offer starting from £12.50.

Mini Consultation - 30 mins

Only available at HQ.  Great for fitting carriers, great for learning how to feed in a carrier you’re already familiar with using. £12.50

Medium Consultation - 60 mins

3 or more carriers, back carrying, a range of buckled carriers, exploring ring slings, meh dais and a basic woven front carry. £25.

Full Consultation - 90 mins

Perfect for trying everything available, great for newborns, twins, tandem carrying and getting to grips with woven wraps. £37.50

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