About Me

MotherRucker Carrying Consultancy is an independent sling library owned and managed by Lysanne (pronounced Liz-Anne).  She has been running the business since November 2016.

Prior to becoming a babywearing consultant, Lysanne was a full time secondary school Drama teacher for ten years.  Following the birth of her son Dexter in May 2016, she suffered horrendous post natal depression and anxiety.  She discovered carrying and slings when Dexter was 11 days old and quickly found it to be the only way they were both calm and happy.

Her husband Neil also fell in love with carrying as it enabled him to bond with their son, as well as care for him in the evenings when he got home from work.  After 4 months they stopped taking the pram out with them, and by 12 months they’d sold it!  Finding carrying quicker, easier and more convenient, they exclusively carry their children.

Lysanne has 3.5 years experience carrying her children, including throughout her daughter Trixie’s pregnancy, 4 hours after a c-section and frequently tandem carrying both of them.

She completed her Slingababy consultant training in February 2017 and her Feeding in Slings training in September 2019.  She also regularly attends CPD events around the country to keep her information and techniques up to date.

Lysanne has helped over 1000 families on their carrying journey from 4lbs preemies to 9 year old quadriplegic children, she also has extensive experience with supporting parents of twins and multiples.

Whatever your carrying needs, Lysanne will work with you to find a solution that works.

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