Meet the Ruckettes

We have a fantastic team of kind, experienced and knowledgable Ruckettes who will be available to you at drop ins.


Vicci is a mum of two (Thea – 5, Mollie – 1) and is a special needs teacher. Vicci has been volunteering at the library for almost two years and is a fan of buckled carriers. Vicci loves a good coffee or cocktail (either or!), going to the gym and taking her girls on adventures.


Lindsay works part time for a local online retailer and is mama to 21 month old Lily.  She loves going to gigs, (when possible) baking, box set binging and soft play – probably more than the toddler! Integras are definitely her go to carrier but she’d love to learn more about wovens. She has been volunteering for the library for over 18 months.


Hayley is a stay at home mum of two, Olivia nearly 17 and Marty 12 months (both ends of the spectrum!). She has a degree in photography and loves all things creative. Her background is retail and wedding photography/videography. She loves social media updates, cake and all things Italian. Her favourite carriers are Integra, Meh Dais and hand woven wraps.


Louise is a full time working mum of two. She splits her days working in IT, running a small sewing business, doing all manners of nerdy things,  and looking after Hazel 21m and Xander almost 5. Her favourite carriers are currently Ring Slings and her toddler Sleepy Nico, but loved a stretchy and DidyTai when her babies were younger.


Danni is a full time mum of a 1 year old little Dude. Before maternity leave she was a scuba instructor and recruiter. Her current favourite carriers are ring slings for snuggly days and buckles for quick and easy carries. She has just started to experiment with wovens.


Alex is a full time mum to 2 boys 7 and 18months. Before number 2 she worked as a dispensing optician, enjoyed reading and crafts. Now enjoys netflix and any sleep she can get! Having dabbled in buckled carriers with her eldest she is now a fully woven addict this time round. 


Reena is a full time working mum of one. Striving for work-life balance (but rarely achieving it!), with a career in Marketing, a 15 month old rebel girl, and an addiction to exercise. Her favourite carriers are Integra and wovens but loved a stretchy for the early days.


Jo is a stay at home mum of one. She loves Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel and all things geeky and fantasy. She is an avid reader and knits, crochets and sews (but not all at the same time). Her favourite carriers are meh dais and ring slings.


Gemma is a mum of five, stepson Mason, twins Toby and Oscar, Logan and Arya. She works in a local fuel station. She loves photography, reading and dog walking with her rescue dog. Her favourite carriers are her wovens and her buckle conversion from Wrapahula.


Jenny is a mum of 2 – Max who is 22 months and a newborn. She is currently on maternity leave from being a secondary science teacher. When she’s not pregnant she loves exercise and is an aspiring triathlete. Her favourite carriers are Integra and woven wraps.


Alice is a full time working mum of two, Emrys 6 and Eira 16 months. She divides her time leading a toddler room at a local nursery and teaching Hypnobirthing. She enjoys exploring the coast and country and anything that keeps the children wild and free. Her favourite carriers currently are Ring Slings and buckles, especially Tula’s.


Charissa is a mum of 6, Maximus (10mths), Imogen (2yo), Chloe (4yo), Freya (5yo), Isaac (14yo), and Katie (25yo). I’ve been baby wearing for the last 5yrs. I started as a volunteer whilst I was pregnant with Maximus back in August 2018. When I’m not on Mat leave I work at Goodwood. I love spending time with all my family. Currently too busy for any hobbies but I have enjoyed swimming and crochet in the past. Love all types of wraps but love a hand woven.

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