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An exclusive learning space for you and your family

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday | 9am-12:30pm

Saturday | 9am-4pm


Lysanne is our fully qualified and insured Slingababy Trained Carrying Consultant. She has been wearing her children for four years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge she is ready to share.  She is available at our weekly Sling Clinics, for Workshops, and 1:1 Consultations.

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You can Hire any of our 100+ carriers from the library for £10 per fortnight or £20 for four weeks.  This can be done from one of our sling clinics, a workshop, or a 1:1 Consultation.

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We have a very select range of carriers and accessories you can purchase from us.  All carriers are available to try on in our dedicated Studio during a consultation, and hire before you commit to buying your very own.

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